Scrum, Behavior Driven Development, Continuous Integration and Refactoring Tools for Agile Software Development


This website presents a list of agile software development tools, both open source and commercial, used for:
* Scrum agile project management and lean kanban (IceScrum, Agilefant,ScrumDo, XPlanner,...)
* BDD Behavior Driven Development and ATDD Acceptance Testing Driven Development (Cucumber, JBehave, RSpec, FitNesse, SpecFlow, ...)
* Continuous integration (Hudson, Jenkins, CruiseContro, BuildBot, Gump, Apache Continuum, TeamCity, ...)
* Code and database refactoring (Liquidbase, ReSharper, DbRefactor, ...)

Agile is a software develoment approach based on the principles of the Agile Manifesto that values:
* Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
* Working software over comprehensive documentation
* Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
* Responding to change over following a plan.


If you are looking for a commercial agile took SpiraPlan, is a agile project management system designed specifically for methodologies such as Scrum, XP and Kanban.